About Us

Art and Chelsea 2 John Towner

Photo by John Towner

Together since 1998, Art and Chelsea Jackson are the co-chef/owners of the Pleasant House eating and drinking establishments in Chicago. Their flagship restaurant, Pleasant House Bakery (2011-2016), is now known as Pleasant House Pub.

Pleasant House has been the recipient of several major dining awards, including “2012 Outstanding Restaurant” (Chicago Tribune), and has been featured in dozens of local and national media outlets including Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart, Chicago Magazine, Food Paradise, and more. Art and Chelsea were named as “2015 Rising Star Chefs” by Star Chefs, a magazine for culinary professionals.

Art is a classically trained chef. In addition to serving as pastry chef for Pleasant House, Chelsea is a full-time editor and writer. Art is a graduate of Illinois State University and Chelsea graduated from Northwestern University; both attended culinary school at Kendall College.

They launched this blog, The Pleasant House, in 2009 to chronicle their shared love of food and travel.