Welcome, and Welcome Back

OK, exhale.

Our last post was five years ago in April–right before we opened our first restaurant, Pleasant House Bakery. Back then we had intended to maintain our blog, which had counted nearly 200 posts in just a few years (perhaps not a staggering quantity, but pretty good for busy chefs, we’d like to think). It’s safe to say that although we were prepared for the rigors of restaurant ownership we overestimated just a smidge the spare time and energy we would need to assemble even the occasional post. Yes, launching and owning a restaurant really is that all-encompassing.

During the past five years, social media outlets have allowed us to relay news about our businesses quickly. They are great tools, but there’s something special about the process of traditional writing–developing and discussing post topics, shaping a story, editing, photography, dialogue with readers–that a 140-character framework can’t replace. Now, five years into proprietorship–never definitely mind older and maybe wiser–we are excited to be entering into a phase of our business that provides a bit more work/life balance and, with it, the opportunity to revisit our blog from a new perspective.

(If you’d like to get up to speed on what has been occupying our time since May 2011, please check out our Twitter and Facebook pages; our blog’s About Us page has an even more abridged version.)

We have missed sharing our stories as well as the camaraderie of the food blogging community. That said, it’s now neat to look back on the people we met during our years of posting and to consider how so many of us later crossed professional paths while we were running Pleasant House Bakery.

If this is your first time to read our blog, thank you–we hope you like it and continue to read it. If you’re a returning reader, you’ll note that our blog has a new look and the past posts, links, and recipes are gone; we made them private in an effort to start fresh, to match our new look and phase. We’ll be taking them out of the archives from time to time and adding more as we continue to redevelop our blog.

We’re looking forward to taking advantage of a few deeper breaths and once again cataloging our food and travel experiences, including those related to our newest restaurant endeavor, Pleasant House Pub. Thanks for joining us.