Art and Chelsea have been in business since 1998. They live, eat, and breathe food (okay, maybe just the eat part). Wherever they are, whether visiting with family or traversing a foreign country, a kitchen, local market, or restaurant is almost always nearby. And a good laugh, too. Art is a chef who takes pride in refined, purposeful food. His cooking is as much at home on a white tablecloth as it is at a communal table or spread out on a picnic blanket. Currently the chef of Bijan’s Bistro in downtown Chicago, he has worked at such applauded restaurants as Les Nomades in Chicago and Fifth Floor in San Francisco. Art is teaching a new series of food-driven seminars at the Chicago showroom for Bulthaup, an ubercool kitchen design company. Chelsea is an editor and writer. A coauthor of Geek Chic: The Ultimate Guide to Geek Culture, she is a lifelong aspiring chef whose kitchen cred was elevated from one-time baking contest winner to cooking school graduate when she completed the pastry program at the Chicago culinary institution, Kendall College. She can often be found behind the scenes of the couple’s cooking videos. Art and Chelsea live in Chicago with their beloved dog, Porkchop. This site is their snapshot of the intersection of food and life. Like many things in life, some of the best food experiences are those that are unexpected or that scoff au contraire at conventional wisdom. For this reason, Art and Chelsea relish every opportunity to taste something new, finding that an open mind is often the best way to a satisfied stomach.

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